Mazel Tov

The REAL Day 1

We wake up and Brady, a guy who looks like he belongs holding the oars of the Emerald Mile, instructs us on how to brew the perfect batch of cowboy coffee along with our first of twenty cold cereal breakfasts. Great for day one, probably less great for day twenty, but we’ll see when we get there. Next, a park ranger named John commences Grand Canyon 101- a highly intensive one hour course on how not to die out there. Jake is instantly distracted by using the last of his 3G connection to search YouTube videos of rattle snakes. Ranger John is unimpressed. He continues to tell us about how to treat the immaculately kept campsites, what to do if you see a Raven (Throw rocks at it. Actually.) and the procedure for a heli evacuation. This might be the only time Jake and Austin pay attention and their eyes light up as Ranger John goes over the birds they fly and how to set up a good LZ*. Boarders for life. Finally Ranger J is checking our ID’s to make sure we’re not smuggling any illegals down the river and he gives us the OK to hit the high seas…for real this time. The excitement that is circulating amongst the group is infectious as everyone giddily hops into their rafts for the second time. And then it’s suddenly all happening. We’re rowing and rowing and rowing. Under the Navajo bridge, the last piece of infrastructure we’ll see for ____ miles, and into the depths of the red walls and green river. Goodbye civilization. Goodbye Snapchat. After feeling extremely confident conquering our first riffles* we roll up to rapid numero uno, Badger. The Colorado’s rapids use a unique 1 to 10 rating system. Each rapid changes rating depending on the amount of water flowing at the time. Some are more dangerous at low water, others at high. Badger is around a 5 so Jake decides to play it safe with a helmet.


We’re in Marble Canyon and I’m having difficulty with my eyes communicating exactly what I’m seeing to my brain. It is truly unlike anything I have ever witnessed. The walls tower around us as though we are ants wandering through a field of grass. I flip through our map book reading about the history of the rock’s colours and textures, the curves of the river, and the explorers who first played eyes on them. I am beginning to understand the infatuation people have with this place.

We roll through a few more rapids. We lose our first items to the Colorado. Sacrifices, I say. Give the river a brand new fish eye lens and a pair of sunglasses day one and it’s sure to reward you at some point, right? We sip Rumskowskis, snack on pistachios, apply SPF, and soak it all in until we arrive at camp. Time to learn how delicious of a condiment sand can be. It’s absolutely everywhere.  We are so isolated out here and it feels perfect. It’s like you’re hidden away from everything in the world and no one can find you. Shit would jump from the North wall to the South wall and completely skip over you. Ranger John said lighting sometimes strikes at the bottom of the Canyon, but there’s no way it would ever find us down here.


Songs. 2012.

Songs I enjoyed in 2012. In no particular order.

Oblivion- Grimes

Ride- Lana Del Rey

Paradise Circus- Massive Attack ft. Hope Sandoval (Gui Boratto Remix)

All Inside- Bondax

Everything Is Embarrassing- Sky Ferreira

The Wheel- S O H N

Latch- Disclosure ft. Sam Smith

Ruin- Cat Power

Brother- Matt Corby

Yet Again- Grizzly Bear

Genesis- Grimes

From Nowhere- Dan Croll

Write It All Down For You- Elliott Brood

Obedear- Purity Ring

Don’t Call- Desire

Young Men Dead- The Black Angels

Crave You- Flight Facilities

No Hands- Neon Hitch (Waka Flocka Cover)

These Chains- Hot Chip

Boy (Hardwell Remix) – Adrian Lux ft. Rebecca & Fiona

It’s Real- Real Estate

I Need You- Lynyrd Skynyrd

Fuck U All The Time (Shlohmo Remix)- Jeremih

I Follow Rivers- Lykke Li

The Fox- Niki & The Dove

How Soon Is Now- The Smiths

Hell’s Bells- Cary Ann Hearst

Wicked Games- The Weeknd

Crystalfilm- Little Dragon

Losing You- Solange

Get Free- Major Lazer ft. Amber of Dirty Projectors

Diamonds- Rihanna

Open- Rhye

Warnings- S O H N

Big Parade- The Lumineers

Medicine- Daughter

The Valley Town- Elliott Brood

King Of The World- First Aid Kit

Body Heat (So Far Away)- Active Child

California Sunrise- Dirty Gold

Fitzpleasure- Alt-J

I Wanna Be Your Dog- The Stooges

Dear Mr. Fantasy- Traffic

Bad GIrls- M.I.A.

Diva- Beyonce

Radio- Lana Del Rey

Mother’s Little Helper- Rolling Stones

Far Nearer- Jamie xx

Gucci Gucci- Kreayshawn

Powa- tUnE-yArDs

Bizness- tUnE-yArDs

Keep You- Wild Belle

About You- XXYYXX

Lots of songs discovered here. So check it out.



Endless Summer 35mm



Tokyo 35mm


I win the award for losing things.

Whole bag of underwear and the best roll of film from the trip.

Sorry, end of Bali and beginning of Tokyo.

Shinjuku x Shibuya x Harajuku

Bali 35mm

Philippines x Cambodia x Thailand

Boracay, Philippines
Siem Reap, Cambodia
Bangkok, Thailand
Koh Tao & Koh Samui, Thailand
Phuket, Thailand

Sunshine Coast 35mm

ImageImageImageImageImageHalfmoon Bay, BC


All sorts of whacky development.

They’re coming…


They’re coming.

HK x Philippines x Thailand x Cambodia x Indonesia x Japan

LJ x CV x AS

Leap Day

Shot by B.Fox on a Polaroid 420